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Internet is 25 years old, Absolute Marketing is 18 years oldThis year the Internet celebrates 26 years--well I've been right along side the Internet's development for 19 of those years and boy have things changed since 1997 when I developed my first website on a '486 PC (which was hot to trot in '97).  The point is we all know the internet has changed the world and websites have come along way.  Gone are the days when a static webpage meets the mark.  Google rules the world (or though it seems) so I've taken great strides (almost daily) to stay on top of the Webmaster Rules for Google when developing a website for you.

Regardless of website size, I start with a plan, design the pages or structure and then begin development.  I work almost exclusively in JOOMLA for all my clients' web development projects.  I choose JOOMLA because it will allow you at some point (if you care to) update your own website with simple changes and not be bogged down with learning how to develop websites.  This also leverages over 10 years of specific Google knowledge I have attained to ensure your website is developed to attract Google...Google loves content management systems and JOOMLA's the best!  

All the websites I create are mobile-friendly with our responsiveness design.  If your webmaster is still building a separate site for your mobile visitors that's old news...responsiveness design is in!  This way one website is responsive to all devices and eliminates the need for development of a separate mobile site.

Probably most importantly, I will customize your page, regardless of size, so that you have unique content.  Competitors (the big box web site companies like Web.com and do-it-your-self websites) have template based solutions that allow for a quick website, but they fail when it comes to search engine optimization (see my sections on SEO).  

To give you an idea about costs, a basic site with about five pages of content is well under $500 (training to update the site yourself and hosting your site with Absolute Marketing is just a little bit more).  Complete our Inquiry Form and I will contact you to start your JOOMLA-based website or answer any questions you have!

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