Website Maintenance -- Fresh Content, New Information Is a Must!

Developing a static website is a waste of time.  There may be portions of your site that will remain the same, but visitors to your site are looking for new content, fresh ideas and offers.  I help you stick to the original goals you had for your site when you developed it or if I'm helping develop, I will keep the goals in mind during maintenance.  The best way to do this is through a regular maintenance plan and the introduction of new content on a continuing basis. Maintaining the mechanics of your website structure and adding fresh content on a regular basis keeps your site growing. This will best serve your visitors and please the search engines.  Blogs, weblink articles and other content can be designed to be added daily or once a week to your site.  

Just complete the Inquiry Form and I will give you and idea about the minor costs associated with taking your static website and making it dynamic!

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