Branding & Positioning "Defines" Your Business

There are few things I feel more strongly about than branding and positioning!  

Branding and Identity Are Important Marketing DecisionsAbsolute Marketing is "branded" and known for a never-ending attention on keeping your brand and identity at the forefront of all marketing and business activities.

If you don't have a "brand" Absolute Marketing help you identify your brand by first creating personality for your product or service then building a relationship with your target audience based on your brand's personality, touting the benefits of that relationship.  I'll provide advice on how to build this relationship consistently over time, using advertising in addition to all other communications, including the way employees are trained to interact with customers.  I'll also help you craft a brand through storytelling, whether short or long, that introduces the brand and communicates brand values and history.

Do you have a mission statement?  I'll also help you create your company's mission statement if you don't have one or have one that needs to be updated with your corporate style!

The Art of Positioning!

Positioning is the most important aspect of your marketing plan.  Your "position" is that one descriptive sentence or slogan or image the brand is known for. That one specific idea that first comes to mind about the product, your USP (Unique Selling Proposition). That one characteristic that sets the service apart from competitors. It can be expressed as a slogan or your entire campaign.  Absolute Marketing will help you express it in every way through your tagline, a brand character or image.

Just complete the Inquiry Form and I will contact you to discuss your branding and identity goals...my forte!


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