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"Content is King" has been a buzz word for over a decade in the Internet world.  Boy, now more than ever, does it ring true when it comes to your marketing campaigns and website!  Simply stated, to rank well with search engines, particularly Google, relevant, ORIGINAL (not copied, not duplicated from another website) content rules!  Obviously this takes a little bit of time to do but Google will reward those that abide!

During initial client meetings, I continue to have the "content versus graphics" conversation with our small business customers.  I find it amazing that some of our customers still opt for glitzy, flash or graphics based site featuring graphic design rather than one that is developed with search engines in mind.  However, I usually am able to provide facts and results that clearly show the power of content when it comes to web content development and SEO.

Absolute Marketing's content development services focus on the value and impact that unique, compelling SEO content can have on site traffic and conversion for your small business.  I customize content to convey unique business attributes and optimize those to rank well in the search engines for applicable keywords.  My goal for your company is to create content that attracts site visitors to take action, webmasters to link to your site, and search engines to reward you with highly relevant keyword rankings.

I will take the time to familiarize (more like immerse) myself with your business, industry and competition to create quality, relevant content that will meet your business objectives. The time and energy I put into keyword and competitive research (with emphasis on creating or exploiting your brand) truly sets us apart from our competition (this is one thing I continue to hear throughout my 17 years). I can also research pertinent industry related articles, re-posturing relevant, unique articles for your website that incorporate your keywords and call to action.

I'm a Big Believer in Call To Action/Microsites or Landing Pages!

For advanced keyword recognition, I can create internal links to your website’s product and/or service and create a landing page or a
 micro-website These navigation tactics will lead visitors to your website where call to action and sales are most likely to occur.

Traditional Marketing, Press Release Development & Print Collateral

Absolute Marketing can write copy for press releases, brochures, business case, technical guides or other traditional marketing collateral.  Take a peak at some of our recent traditional print/design pieces.

As a Pro-Advantage Partner with VistaPrint, let us quote you for printed materials as well as reduced pricing for creative development!  Complete the Inquiry Form and I'll contact you to discuss your Creative Development needs!

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