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The Major Focus of SEO is Getting Your Website Found on the Internet

So your static webpage is out of date if you can't find yourself within 20 seconds on Google!  I practice GOOGLE-Friendly SEO practices almost daily...and at the end of the day when you're shiny new website is done but no one can find it, you've wasted your time and mostly $$$.

Effective Internet Marketing Mediums

For many years I have been a Google Web Developer and refer to and abide by Google Webmaster Tools to ensure my hard work designing and planning your site optimizes your business.  Since 2014, all my client websites are designed mobile-ready and search engine friendly.

I'm naturally part Geek part Marketer so invite me to meet with you so that I can advise you on the best mediums (email campaigns, Google+ Pages, etc.) that will optimize your Internet Marketing dollars.  Creating a YouTube Channel and Google+ Pages for Business (formerly Google Places), are the newest opportunities and provide a great way to leverage your site and Facebook business page.  Just complete the Inquiry Form and I will be happy to discuss these with you!

Local Marketing Muscle!

There's more to your website or webpage than the advertising of your business, service or product online!  The most successful small and local businesses require to be found by mobile devices, local portals and mostly GOOGLE to provide a constant flow of new and repeat business.  This is very true if you are in my local community of Newcastle and the Sierra Foothills.  We have an enormous population of travelers on our interstates and highways that neighbor our business.  These travelers are looking for your business--you must be found for them to know you exist!

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