When Would I Need Reverse SEO or "Reputation Management"? 

Absolute Marketing provides reputation management servicesThere are times when businesses may experience a bad post or negative reviews in Google, Yelp or other portals, about them, their products or services, including images.  I am often asked if  anything can be done to remove these resources from the internet.  The short answer is no, but reverse SEO is a part of online Reputation Management. 

With traditional SEO I promote a single website with multiple keywords.  With "Reverse SEO" I promote multiple websites for a single search term so the efforts required to get Reverse SEO results are on the order of 10 times more than what it takes in traditional SEO.  I then set-up multiple links for those specific keywords to bury the bad post on second or third page (even more deeper) which help to show just positive posts/reviews about the client on first page of Google.

Absolute Marketing has also been successful in removing (or burying--since NOTHING IS EVER REALLY REMOVED FROM THE INTERNET) unwanted images found when conducting Google search engines through our knowledge of Google analytics, webmaster tools, and some home-grown theories that have worked.  We recently helped a professional colleague bury mugshots of an unwarranted arrest from Google image search!  While it took 3 months in the process, this person has absolutely no images associated with mug shots on Google search results as of this date!  

While I can't promise anything, I can sure try to improve your reputation by first setting up program alerts that will let us know if such things exists, and secondly, submit to the Google Webmaster team requests for removal of unwanted links. This process is not overnight.  We will discuss our strategy together and the level of reverse SEO that you may require.  Simply complete the Inquiry Form and we'll contact you regarding options we have to help with reputation management.

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