Microsites are Invaluable Tool For Campaign-Specific Marketing

microwebsites are important to target new servicesA microsite is valuable to target new markets or to create focused content for individual campaigns.  Simple, but powerful, they allow you to engage with your target market in a highly specialized, relevant manner.  In addition to the increased rankings and search engine traffic that will be enjoyed, microsites leverage your parent site by strategically cross-linking and referencing the content.

I highly recommend microsites when you are interested in diversifying your website with new sections of content, giving users access to a special section of your website or advertising a new promotion.  There are few better solutions than microsites if you have a product or service that you would like to push to market in a short time frame. They are separated from your primary website, meaning that you have design freedom and can even rebrand your website in addition to using highly specific search engine techniques.

Reasons I'd like you to consider microsites:

power of microwebsites by Absolute marketingMicrosites allow you to rapidly gain a web presence for your service or product while also improving your search engine rankings, all for less money than fuller-scale websites. They can be used to distinguish quizzes, interactive media, competitions, articles, offers and promotions. They are especially ideal if your company offers products and services that aren’t relevant to each other, since you may not be able to market each product online as effectively as you would like to if you sell and promote them on one website. If you are a small to medium sized business, microsites provide a great means of distinguishing products and services from each other for marketing purposes.

Microsites are, above all, cost-effective. This makes them ideal for small to medium sized businesses and internet start-ups, as they provide a great means of reaching your target audience as rapidly as possible.  I can develop many microsites starting at $250.


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