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I get super upset every time I hear about some poor local business getting suckered into a contract paying up to $150/month for “Local Marketing," or Yellow Page ads for $250/month.  Even worse, I hate to hear those late night gimmicks from seamingly large companies that create your website for FREE and if you like it, you pay after the fact via monthly rates in perpetuity. These "template shops" ultimately just want your credit card information to get you in a contract.  They hope you are dazzled by the nice looking site they just copied and pasted and made a few modifications from the last client of theirs that had a business similar to yours.  You don't know this, I do.  All you know is that it looked way better than what you had.  Most of the time these looks are deceiving.  

These template websites lack the essentials that make a successful website in today's world--the content and search engine friendliness.  These elements have to be hand made, from scratch, written uniquely for your business--no template can do that.  Google penalizes generic template designs, duplicate content and anything looking boilerplate lacking fresh, relevant content.  Google knows everything that is out there on the internet and any attempt at plagiarism is quickly revealed and punishable by Google who can ultimately ban your website.  And one thing I know for sure, you don't want to have Google on your bad side...it's way worse than a bad Yelp post!

Absolute Marketing believes in walking before you run and focusing on one or two things at a time and finishing them. That's why my style is to sit down with you eye-to-eye, ear-to-ear, and learn about your business and your customers from you.  I want to see what you are doing now and "sleep on it."  The next business day you will find my ideas and marketing priorities in your email box that represent the most bang for your marketing buck.

So unless you are already optimized fully on Google, Google Local, YouTube (rare that we encounter a business that is) that's where I start.  After that, I prefer to check in with you monthly--or at least quarterly--and meet with you to go over your campaigns, see what is working, what isn't working, and stay closely tied into your business from a local standpoint.

Please invite me to meet with you briefly to provide you with a complimentary business marketing assessment--click here to contact me today!

Jacqueline, Promoting Local Business Wellness!

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