Absolute Marketing Thrives and Celebrates 20 years in business!  

Thanks to all our valued customers over the years!

Ida Garrens was Inspiration For Absolute MarketingI'm blessed and proud to say that I'm still in business after 20 years.  I started my company inspired by my mom, Ida Garrens, who named my company "Absolute Marketing."  I asked her what would be a good name to represent marketing that is simple, pure, effective and affordable.  She said, Absolute Marketing!  Thank you mom, I'm sure you're proud of me!

I opened a downtown Morgan Hill, California office and joined the Morgan Hill Chamber of Commerce in July, 1997.  Since then I've had offices in downtown Las Vegas, Austin, Texas and right back in California, where I operate from my home office for the second time around in the beautiful and quaint countryside of Newcastle, California.

I remember back in 1997, my business was primarily focused on traditional marketing services.  The first year or two of my business I focused on writing marketing and business plans and a few websites here and there.  People seemed to be more oriented towards planning and thinking things through then.  Little did I know that those days would soon be gone and the new mentality would be "I want it this way and I want it now.  I haven't written a business plan since!

internet is 25 years old this year

I also remember in 1997 I worked on my very first website on a '486 PC using Microsoft Publisher (OMG!)  It took me 3-5 minutes to load just one image on a web page and then another 2-3 minutes to refresh and see how it looked.  Repeating that process several times for each image. Getting disconnected from AOL at least 20 times a day and having to re-dial!  It took weeks to do a website that now may take 2 hours max!  To that I toast a Happy Birthday to the Internet (25 years old this year!).  I think back and realize I've been in business for myself 17 of the 25 years!

In all my travels, one thing remains unchanged, I continued to focus on delivering time-tested, core marketing principles "absolute marketing."  Thank you for your business and here's to another 20 years!

Jacqueline Garrens, MBA
Founder & Owner

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